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User Manual (PDF)

Hardware drivers and middleware with a large range of functions

UNOS core provides the low-level communication and runs in a wide variety of embedded environments. It uses an open standard as a high level protocol and via appropriate hardware drivers and protocol stacks supports  many current as well as future network standards such as IEEE 1722, IEEE 1588, IEEE 1394, the 802.1 AVB enhancements, IP, UDP, UPnP, NAS, MIDI, CAN and RS232.

UNOS core is implemented and tested on the commonly encountered embedded environments and can be easily tailored to manufacturer-specific hardware and standard chipsets.

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UNOS core. Facts.

Supported network protocols and standards

  • IEEE 1722, IEEE 1588
  • 802.1Qat/Qav/AB AVB enhancements
  • IEEE 1394, IEC 61883
  • IP, UDP
  • UPnP, NAS
  • Bonjour, Samba
  • MIDI, CAN, RS232, RS485

Supported Operating Environments

  • eCos  MicroC, Linux
  • Windows CE, XP, Vista, 7 (32/64bit)
  • Linux (Suse, Ubuntu, Red Hat)

Supported hardware

  • ARM 7, 9, 11
  • FPGA
  • TC-Applied Technology DICE
  • XMOS XS1-Family
  • others to be added