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User Manual (PDF)

Live Sound Engineer

“UNOS provides me, as an audio expert, with a software solution to comprehensive Command & Control over all pro-audio equipment, regardless of operating system or network.

It has a compelling user-friendliness , and is already completely AVB-ready. At last, UNOS provides the compatibility and functionality, and thus the investment protection when purchasing new technology, requested for a long time by manufacturers. UNOS supports me perfectly as an entrepreneur and audio professional." 

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UNOS Benefits for Live Sound Engineers:

  1. UNOS increases the flexibility through better usability of your devices, higher speed, and better workflow.
  2. It does not matter whether you are searching for a Command & Control, or a streaming media solution - with UNOS, you get both immediately usable and AVB-ready!
  3. Older devices can be controlled with UNOS through an adapter (Proxy), too.
  4. UNOS provides a hitherto unique new application experience of holistic control of all devices and networks controlled by UNOS, as well as the possibility to use many existing devices via standard interfaces.

UNOS has unique features:

  1. Interactive 3D view of the entire installation
  2. User-tailored skinning
  3. Multi-user capability
  4. Joining of devices and parameters
  5. Runs on the Windows operating system, OS X, iPhone OS
  6. Interface: MIDI, serial, DMX ...


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