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User Manual (PDF)

Lighting Manufacturers

"UNOS software is for me as a manufacturer of lighting products the turn-key solution that gives my products - without costly in-house developments -  comprehensive Command & Control capabilities,  custom GUI applications with a compelling experience for users, and compatibility with future AVB-audio-video-networks.

UNOS opens up new possibilities for lighting control."

UNOS Benefits for Lightning Manufacturers

  1. With UNOS you equip your products with a lighting control system of the next generation.
  2. UNOS offers in comparison with conventional systems, a functional diversity,  customizable control, and provides your customers with a GUI that enables a uniquely compelling and efficient user experience.
  3. DMX is natively supported.
  4. Your customers can easily customize the user interface individually.
  5. Audio and video channels can be natively integrated.

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