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Live Sound Manufacturer

"UNOS software is for me as a manufacturer of pro audio equipment, the turn-key solution for my change to AVB - without costly in-house developments.

Thus my current and future products will be compatible to all networks, obtain comprehensive Command & Control capabilities and the ability to stream media in real time. Thanks to UNOS, I can easily construct a compelling GUI and create my own applications."

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UNOS Benefits for Manufacturers of Professional AV Equipment:

  1. UNOS supports the change to AVB without any software development and provides all the necessary AVB-hardware drivers.
  2. UNOS is the command and control solution for all pro audio, video equipment and lighting.
  3. UNOS provides an AVB-compatible core, and already today provides a pathway for the use of AVB-standards - including streaming audio and video content in real time.
  4. UNOS provides easy migration and backward compatibility for UNOS-based products.
  5. Via the UNOS-Middleware, it is no longer necessary to adapt your products to different networks and operating systems.
  6. Usage of the resulting resources to develop products in shorter time periods at lower cost.
  7. UNOS provides the users of its products with a uniquely compelling and efficient user experience.
  8. UNOS is future proof because it is based solely on current standards and will continue to adapt to these.
  9. UNOS helps you to achieve more attractive devices with new market opportunities – and that for only € 10, - per license.